Instagram Rolls Out New Update That Simplifies The Editing Process For Its Reels

If you happen to be a fan of Instagram Reels then we’ve got some great news for you.

The app has recently announced a new update that makes video editing for Reels a simpler and much more convenient process.

For instance, gone are the days when trimming and re-arranging video clips took an ample amount of time. Now, users can perform both tasks simultaneously with greater flow.

Instagram says the new update allows users to carry on with their editing by clicking on thumbnails and then trimming a certain component or segment that requires shortening.

Soon after that, users have the choice to sequence their video all over again according to their preference, using the app’s ‘Re-Order’ button, allowing you to carry out the edit in seconds.

Tech experts are calling the app’s new Reels update a great and simple edition, especially at a time when more and more users are in search of ways to make shorter videos using Instagram’s platform.

Instagram revealed how it hopes the update can encourage more users to develop customized clips, while also facilitating a greater array of custom-designed intriguing Reels as compared to before.

Other people compared the new update with the ever-so-popular new rollout of TikTok.

Just in case you may have missed out, TikTok is now allowing its users the option to incorporate GIFs of their choice into their short video clips via its GIPHY GIFs. This directly takes GIFs from a renowned library and adds them to a point in your video that users find the most suitable.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. TikTok’s new feature is cool on a whole new level but we’ve got to give Instagram some credit for simplifying Reels as a whole and shortening the editing flow to greater extent than before. Don’t you agree?

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