Apple Strikes New Quarterly Record With Its Lobbying Spending As It Fights Antitrust Measures

Apple has hit an all-time high in terms of its quarterly lobbying spending as the tech giant faces great pressure to tackle antitrust measures.

The news came as the company shed light on its first quarterly results for this year as it vows to continue tackling such issues with greater determination. But that doesn’t mean the journey is getting any easier.

The tech giant seems to be getting a lot of pressure from bipartisan support groups in two regards, 1st, The Open App Markets and 2nd The Choice Online Act.

To help gain a clearer understanding, it’s important to look back at the background. See, Apple faces antitrust dilemmas in the context of various fronts.

In 2019, Apple made the headlines as a leading investigation began to assess whether or not tech firms were guilty of conducting anti-competitive moves. And that’s when Apple’s CEO was forced to testify in front of Congress.

The results proved how the tech giant was a part of the others in terms of carrying out anti-competitive behavior patterns, which it felt was deeply disturbing.

At that moment, it was rumored that the American Congress would soon be tackling the issue by producing one antitrust bill so that all the problems highlighted could be resolved. Instead, multiple bills were issued.

Now, if these are actually passed into law soon, it would massively hit the tech giant and its treatment of various apps such as Spotify. Moreover, another alarming point was related to barring the firm from the pre-installation of iPhone apps.

Out of all the bills delineated, the Open App Markets and Choice Online Act have made the greatest progress. And while Apple CEO Tim Cook tried to lobby against the bill himself, all his claims were dismissed.

In the end, the bill garnered bipartisan support but it continues to face some backlash from others who challenge it in both houses.

As far as Apple spending an increased amount of revenue over lobbying efforts, the recent report by Bloomberg says the move makes sense because it's solely aimed to fight off any antitrust concerns.

The amount was estimated to reach a record $2.5 million over lobbying during the initial three months of 2022. And with that came great pressure from Congress to crack down on firms involved in antitrust behavior.

The massive rise in expenditure is believed to be greater than 34% in comparison to its spending done during the fourth quarter last year. Another previous high was last seen in 2017 when spending jumped to $2.2 million.

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