Google Uses The Best AI Systems To Keep Spam And Scams Away From Its Search Engine

One of the biggest problems that online users face entails both spam and scams.

Be it junk mail or having your comments section bombarded with spam and other malicious links, the list goes on. Therefore, it makes absolute sense why tech giant Google has opened up recently about what it has been up to in terms of combating such issues.

Google highlighted in its yearly Webspam Report how successful it has been in terms of creating and implementing effective strategies in this regard. And on top of the list is the search engine’s use of modern AI-based systems like SpamBrain that manages to do just that brilliantly.

Ever since its launch in the year 2018, Google’s Artificial intelligence system has been working round the clock to identify those sites that are filled with nothing but spam. The estimated rate was unveiled to be six times as great as its performance for 2021. Moreover, stats proved how hacked spam was also down by 70% while gibberish spam declined by more than 75%.

In its summary, Google boldly delineated that its online searches were 99% spam-free. However, the same can't be concluded about phone calls. And that’s one of the reasons why leading searches were related to ‘how to block spam-related calls’ on the leading search engine.

In the same way, search engine results showed how many users were also curious about how to rid SMS phishing and spam chats, showing a massive 700% increase, in the past 5 years.

Google says there is only a limited amount that can be done in both these cases and that’s why more effort needs to be directed on the growing matter.

Similarly, Google says it is working hard to combat scams such as those relating to online dating or e-shopping. While it proved a 40% fall in scam result searches via algorithm updates, it’s still trying to do more in this context.

For now, SpamBrain is doing great and we hope it can also fight online harassment- another debatable topic that needs focus, considering the massive rise in cases recently.

While Google says the AI-powered system is working hard on this matter, especially name queries, where some users have tried targeting specific others.

The take-home message is that while the fight against scams and spam is a never-ending debacle, Google certainly deserves credit for taking these issues seriously in regard to its search results.

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