WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Users To Keep Disappearing Messages, A New Location Stickers Is Also In The Development

The latest beta releases of WhatsApp have enabled individuals to override disappearing messages on groups, and have also introduced new stickers to the platform, report WBI.

Disappearing messages on WhatsApp is a semi-equivalent of Instagram’s own Vanish Mode feature. In Instagram, if a user were to slide upwards while chatting with another individual, they’d encounter a new, pitch black interface. This is Vanish Mode, and it allows users to send whatever messages and content they’d like to each other with the reassurance that as soon as the chat-box has been left by either party, all sent information and material will cease to exist. To use Instagram’s own turn of phrase, the chat will “vanish”. The feature sort of harkens back to Mission Impossible movies, with their self-destructing messages and whatnot. Well, WhatsApp was interested in introducing a similar feature to its user base. Which makes sense, all things considered, since WhatsApp is much more chat-intensive than Instagram or even Facebook. Therefore, the WhatsApp community was introduced to disappearing messages in groups: activating this feature will ensure that all messages sent to a group will be self-deleted after a certain amount of time elapses.

Now, with version, users have the ability to keep their messages from disappearing. This will automatically allow all other users in that group to keep seeing the message as well; however, they may delete or disappear the message if they so wish. This way, day to day conversation can melt away and long-term discourse about a planned meeting or dinner invitation can still stick around as a reminder. Finally, as soon as a user decides to un-keep the message, it will disappear immediately instead of waiting out the usual time limit set for the group’s disappearing messages. Since the kept message was originally meant to disappear, WhatsApp will treat it as such the moment it is 'un'-kept.

On the other end of today’s features, version brings us new stickers to use on WhatsApp. Specifically, WhatsApp now has a new Location sticker that can be added to stories on the platform or onto chat groups. Location stickers are incredibly popular amongst the Instagram and Snapchat consumer crowd. It’s always sort of cool to add a sticker pointing to a faraway location since you’re traveling and all that jazz. This is nothing new, and it certainly isn’t anything original, but perhaps WhatsApp wants more individuals who aren’t in their 40’s making WhatsApp stories.

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