YouTube is ready to offer up to $300K to podcasters for creating content on its platform

According to Bloomberg, the video sharing hub YouTube, could be looking forward to giving tough competition to some of the leading podcast platforms. Among these platforms are those of the tech titans Apple, Amazon, and Spotify.

YouTube is prepared to give podcasters up to $300,000 in cash. The platform has offered creators in this field the opportunity to upload video content, which could be based on a cinematic version of the show they host on podcasts. If the podcast is run by a single user, then YouTube is ready to pay fifty thousand dollars to that podcaster. If the show is run by a network, then the company is willing to pay them over two hundred thousand dollars to up to three hundred thousand dollars.

When Google, which is also the owner of YouTube, was asked about the offer YouTube is giving to the podcast hosts and creators, Google decided not to share any view on this matter. The company holds a number of podcast artists, but unlike Apple’s Clubhouse or Twitter’s Twitter Spaces, who are giving everything to keep up with their competitors, YouTube didn’t pursue the opportunity like everyone else in the beginning, but now, the platform is all geared up to give a challenging competition.

Lately, YouTube has been giving out hints about the actions it is planning to take. Such as in Canada, where keeping the video on play while it is in the background was made free.

The current mind map made by the platform is not a unique one. Other podcast hosting applications, such as Amazon, also offer tempting features to attract more users. So far, Apple’s Clubhouse has been taken as a major platform that hosts a number of podcasts.

Though the money the platform is ready to offer won’t make much of a difference as it still cannot assure whether the creators will stick or not, but it will be enough to give them a motive to stay connected with YouTube by adding more and more content.

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