Dedicated Adsense earning is live now for YouTube creators, the platform is also working on to discourage spammers and offensive comments

YouTube is one of the most used video sharing apps and has over a billion downloads worldwide. Many people use it as a place to earn money and be able to support themselves.

Adsense is a program launched by Google that helps creators earn money by putting ads in their videos based on their content and what they put in their videos. Earlier the creators’ earnings of both Adsense and YouTube were shown in one tab and when they reached 100 dollars they were able to withdraw it from the content creator’s account using any payment method, but now there is another tab for YouTube earnings. As some creators use that tab only for their YouTube earnings this is not something to be worried about as this change was only made for the ease of the content creators who use Adsense for both their YouTube and Ad earnings.

There is also one more important thing to note as of this change that creators will be able to see their YouTube earnings in a dedicated page in their Adsense page which would be accessed with a drop-down menu on the top right corner. This change will be set in motion by March of this year and will help creators balance their earnings in one place.

Moving on to a new feature that encourages people to be respectful on the app and make sure their comment is not offensive by notifying them before posting the comment that a comment may be disrespectful or offensive for others. This is a great feature that will help make the app more kid-friendly and safe for everybody. It will also make sure that no-one’s feelings are hurt on the app. This feature is already available for mobile users and will soon be for desktop ones as well.

This feature will first be available for only two languages namely English and Spanish but the company hopes that it will soon be available for all languages so that the app can be safe for all. To keep a respectful channel comment section the creator is given a tab where the sketchy comments are kept so that they can review them and select which ones they want on their page. The second thing is that the creator can block certain phrases or people from their comment section. To block a certain phrase the creator can use the feature and add those specific words to their blocked list so that the comments that contain or closely relate with them are held in the review tab of the studio for the creator to review and decide whether they should go on the page or be deleted.

The same can be done if the creator wants to block a user so that user cannot comment on any of their videos, but if the creator changes their mind they can just remove them from the blocked list.

All these features will help creators make their page a safer one and a more family-friendly one.

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