Twitter is testing video uploads no longer than 10 minutes with 1080p resolution for mobile phones and web users

The famous micro-blogging platform Twitter has announced recently that the social media platform is now open for video content with a duration of 10 minutes maximum, for pro users. These videos will be available from the lowest resolution up to 1080p.

Twitter announced this new update through their Twitter Blue account, where they explained that the 1080p video feature is going through its testing phase for web users. Not only that, but according to Jack Horwood, the cofounder of Half Term Meal, the same feature is also available for Apple’s iOS users as well. Currently, it can only be used through Twitter Blue Labs. The Android version is still not announced, but it could be possible that the feature is going through the development stage for Android users.

Back on October 8, 2015, Twitter added a tweet through its main account that the platform now enables users to upload videos through the web version. Previously, this feature was only available for mobile phone users. However, the video limit was very limited . Initially, only 30 seconds were granted for the uploaded video. Any content larger than 512 MB and the specified duration would be cut accordingly.

Advertising agencies on Twitter were allowed to use both—adding pictures or videos—to advertise an item, but later, as the platform expanded, normal users were also allowed to add videos.

From posting a 30 second video to increasing the time limit to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, And now, the time limit has taken a massive jump by adding almost eight more minutes and allowing a total of 10 minutes of video with a 1080p resolution.

It seems like Twitter has been watching other social media applications very closely, and in response to the features they have for video content, Twitter is now introducing them on its own application. This is not the first time that a similar feature is available on multiple applications; Twitter Space, an audio-only chat room, is also available on Facebook.

As stated in the tweets, the new video feature is still in the Twitter Blue Labs and will initially be available to Twitter Blue users before being made available to general users.

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