Which Ad Format Perform Best On Pinterest, Static Images or Video Ads? This Test Has The Answer

Pinterest is a bit different social media platform which is used by over 400 million users to get and post ideas. It is a great place for advertisers to market their product. If you want to advertise better in this year you need to keep an eye out for any opportunities like trying out a platform you haven't done before.

To see the effectiveness and reach of ads on Pinterest, a team from Creatopy recently ran a test. Their test focused on two main things: first, are video ads the things that bring more reach than the simple images. Second, why simple ads bring more contextual traffic.

In order to conduct these tests and reach a result for the hypothesis above they ran two ad campaigns both of which had a budget of over 2k and were conducted for 30 days.

The tests were conducted in 9 countries namely Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Netherlands. The respondents were of the age group 25-54 years and the test was conducted in English.

The campaign results showed that in static or simple ads in-bound clicks got 498 entries while video ones got 179 clicks. The static ad had 340 users moving on the landing page while the number of users who went through video ads was only 101. Impressions were 444,694 uses for static ads while video ads had only 345,121 users. But with all these differences there were also some similarities like the cost of both ad types being $999.90. The average time of duration for the video ads was 0.09 seconds.

The Key takeaways from this test were that 1. The title of winner goes to static ads with the majority of better results in all the variables. 2. Whatever product you are advertising your ad should always be about your customers and what they want from you. And last but not the least the first type of ads aka static ads are simple and effective because video ads are long and people usually get bored while watching them but static ads are interesting and very brief.

To sum it all up, the winner of this test is static ads and these ads can help advertisers to increase their reach and the results will help them to improve their ad quality according to their user feedback.

A Test was conducted by Creatopy on Pinterest ads shows Static Ads wins

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