WhatsApp tests two needed features, message reactions on desktop and call links on Android

WhatsApp is testing some new interesting features. WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp is releasing a new desktop version 2.2207.1. Previously, in the last WhatsApp version, it was stated that the company is experimenting on the messages reaction feature but in this new update, the feature appears to be fully ready.

Almost every other messaging platform has introduced message reactions but only WhatsApp was left to do so. Now in WhatsApp message reaction feature, anyone can react to the messages being sent or received or even see the list of people who have reacted to the messages in conversation on desktop.

In other news, WhatsApp is testing another feature in its version WhatsApp is currently trying out a new functionality that will enable users to create links to attend WhatsApp calls in a future release. In the previous versions WhatsApp introduced the feature of voice calls and now it has upgraded the calling functionality. Since WhatsApp has launched a calling feature, many updates and improvisations have been done up till now in voice call and video call feature. Lately, WhatsApp has updated the video calling service in which users can join the group calls in between conversations. In today’s update, additional call links will be provided to users sooner or later as it is still in WhatsApp beta for Android.

As far as the concept of call links is concerned, it is going to work the same way as Zoom calls. Just as in Zoom calls, a link is created and distributed among the attendees similarly, there will be a WhatsApp group call link. Using the call link, group members can join the group call even if it has started.

WhatsApp will enable users to make a link and that link can then be sent to the contacts even the ones not in the contact list. There is nothing to worry as the calls will be secured because it is featured on WhatsApp unlike Messenger Rooms where there is no restriction and anyone can join the room and access the discussions doesn’t matter if they have a Facebook account or not. But in WhatsApp group calls, a WhatsApp account is mandatory to join the call.

Both the call links and messages reaction function is still in progress and hopefully will be released in the upcoming WhatsApp version.

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