Instagram is not ready to give a separate app to iPad users and their excuses are lame

Instagram is a social networking app used by almost 2 Billion people monthly. Launched in 2010 the app attracted many users and gained over 25000 users in a month.

Many people use it worldwide and many of them use an iPad to browse the app. But the main problem with this is that there is no special Instagram app for iPads and the thing with using the iPhone app is that it does not correspond with the larger iPad screen and provides lesser resolution so the graphics of the app are very disturbed. The app’s memory size is very small and it also contains very outdated elements that make it hard for the device to run the app properly so they have to use the website to browse.

So now the users are and have been demanding a separate Instagram app for iPads, but the executives from Instagram are making excuses. The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has said that the people who use Instagram on their iPads are not very large in number so they don’t have a place on the company’s top priority list. This can be countered by the fact that Apple sold over 51 million iPads just last year. So, we are pretty sure that most of them have Instagram accounts that they would love to be able to use on their iPads without enlisting the help of a website. This was again refuted by the tweet from the executive and he said that iPads are not in majority while also saying that they get the request of a separate app very much.

One other reason was that Instagram has so much work to do but has only very few people to do it. He said that Instagram does not have the time and is very busy with other projects or features to be added to the existing app that is supported by iOS, Android, the internet and the lite version. He further added that the company is leaner than the beliefs of most people and that TikTok and YouTube are behemoths and that they have to adapt to them.

This lack of interest towards the demands of users can lead to a loss for Instagram that they do not understand the scope of. The Instagram users on iPads are a much larger group than being accounted for and the excuses that Instagram is giving are pathetic to say the least.

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