WhatsApp is coming up with an exciting desktop update allowing users to react to texts as well as experience a new contact bar on Android

Meta is introducing an update for Whatsapp that enables users to show reactions in conversion by clicking on an emoji option visible on the left of your sent messages. Along with that, some beta testers will soon experience the additional search option in the contact interface.

Since WhatsApp was owned by Mark Zuckerberg it has come up with amazing updates providing entertainment and easiness to its users all over the globe. The recent update is very essential to end a conversation among people. We have seen messages' reactions on Messenger, Slack and Instagram, but many of us were waiting for this feature on WhatsApp. However, this feature is still under the development phase. The best part about this feature is you can express your feelings on desktops to someone along with your message, as spotted by WABI. Normally, whenever you are in a conversation, and you want to end it on a soft note, the other person keeps sending you replies, having no idea that you don’t want to continue the talk. So by reacting to the last message, one can easily understand the conversation has ended and there isn’t any need to send further messages.

According to WABetaInfo, there will be six reactions including heart, folding hands, sad face, thumbs up, laughing with tears,and an angry face. These reactions will provide entertainment to the people that are using WhatsApp more frequently than any other social app. I think this update is also beneficial for the introverts who find themselves stuck in a conversation, and they don’t know how to leave gossip in a good manner. This messaging update is soon going to launch for the Beta testers and then to the android and IO users if testing went successfully.

Another update that I would like to draw your attention to is the new search message option. This will enable you to search any important message, link, file, audio, or video by typing a keyword. This option is still available on the homepage of the app. But now it will be visible beside the video call option on the contact Info page. This feature has been rolled out in the Beta version of Android, but it is not working the way it was designed to. Let’s see when this will be fix-up.
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