We might see a spike in the attacks from Russian hacker groups against companies located in the west or are part of the NATO

In the past, hackers from Russia have for long targeted companies in the west without any action being taken against them. Now, when Russia has been completely cut-off, the country might seek revenge and generate its revenue by targeting the companies in the west. The damage done by this might be catastrophic, particularly for companies that have a weak security structure.

The Russian government has been accused of harboring hackers for a long period; many of those have claimed that they stand neutral on the political ground. However, the declaration does not hold sway since the companies in the west have always been their target list.

David Daucan, an expert on cyber-security who focuses on the offensive, concludes that the hackers will now divert their attacks towards any identity in the west or part of the NATO that is supporting Ukraine.

During an interview by Cybernews, Daucan mentioned that he has noticed a halt in the attacks done in America. This pause might be because the Russian government may be using these groups to assist them with the ongoing military conflict. He further warned that these groups might divert their attention towards the companies in the west, especially those who supported Ukraine.

The damage that will be done to the companies and governmental structures will be worse than anything seen in the past.

According to David the Russian administration has been cornered and has been completely cut-off, they will use any force possible to avenge the damage done to them.

Hackers from Russia are the stealthiest group among advanced persistent threat groups, according to David. The cyber criminals operate like social engineers, and once they have access, their location is the hardest to track, which allows them to stay invisible.

The hackers are always one step ahead of the cyber-security firms by creating or redesigning new malware.

Russia being outcasted by the rest of the world could make things worse for the hackers since the United States financial crimes enforcement network has issued a warning for the companies that encourage these individuals by paying the ransom demanded by the hackers.

According to the new regulations, any company or entity that would pay off the ransom without the US government's permission will get a penalty charge.

Experts in the field have already begun to see the increase in the attacks, Jason McGinnis; President of Sliversky noticed the jump in the spray and pray attacks, and according to the experts; if the hackers manage to gather enough people, someone might end up becoming a victim to the attack.

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