LinkedIn Has Came Up With New Data That Will Assist Your Career Change Decisions During The Global Pandemic

As we all know that covid-19 has drastically changed our lifestyle and shifted all the means of physical connection forcing us to reside within the walls of our home, with its resurfacing variants not helping the situation at all. Among all the changes this pandemic and lockdown has brought in our lives, one and the boldest element affected is our professional career and economic status.

The sudden onset of lockdown forced all the onsite working industries and businesses to shut down their offices to prevent physical contact among employees as much as possible ultimately making them avail the work from home option. This new change apart from bringing uncountable complications with it also helped us to look on the bright side by making us all attentive towards the new work opportunities providing us countless benefits and choices:

• From where to work

• For how long to work etc.

Don’t you think availing of the options will ultimately make the relationship between your work and personal life more balanced? Therefore, it is witnessed that past pandemic adults, as well as the young generation, are impacted in a way that their approach towards the job they seek is changing. They seem to be pondering more over the questions of why whom or how they wish to work.

LinkedIn came up with a yearly report on the career switch report of its user and put forward a few significant facts. It said that according to its collected data approximately 54% of the global members are found to be changing and trying new jobs, each year a talented candidate goes for a new job with better opportunities. And at times like this those companies that do not mention what they are looking for and what they’ll be providing you with in return get ignored the most.

To provide the users with more in-depth findings, LinkedIn has published a new report on the same subject.

According to LinkedIn’s data, globally it is noticed that the employees are thinking over their work styles and leaving their jobs in search of opportunities with bigger and better outcomes. In a course of a year from October 2020 to October 2021. Out of the total count of global workers, 3.5% of employees were reported to be unhappy with their current jobs.

Alone in 2020, LinkedIn reported that a total of 37% are moving towards jobs that are more attractive, flexible, and retaining. The global marketing industry is recorded to be undergoing great change, with marketers leaving their jobs to explore new career opportunities. 31% of the marketers left their jobs which is approximately equal to the 618 thousand employees departing from their jobs alone in 2021.

Marketers are reporting to be changing their medium of work, as we are familiar with lockdown and its impact globally. This impact as if modified the workstyles of marketers for the better. Marketers are utilizing social media platforms rather than what their regular onsite job offers. Because on social media platforms and your product stands as an individual and you can control the way and duration of your work.

Individuals with skills are looking for jobs that do not disturb the balance maintained between their work life and personal life. Which makes 85% of the employee population wish to work remotely. This percentage has had an impact on the procedures and demand of the companies, considering how 83% of companies are moving towards posting job posts that are remote and flexible, helping the employees to keep the work and life balanced.

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