Now Never Be Bored On Any Group Meeting With New Zoom's Virtual Avatars

With the help of a new feature on Zoom, you can now show up as a rabbit, dog, cat, or any of your favorite animal characters, by availing of its new Avatar’s feature. The Avatar feature replaces the virtual image of a person with a virtual animal character that mimics your expressions just like Memojis. The company is reported to be adding the new Avatar options in the future update of the app while the latest Zoom 5.10 update only allows the person to become an animal at the launch.

Zoom put forward several reasons and facts about how this new Avatar feature is going to be a very helpful tool in different situations, for example: if a person or the whole group decides to show up as fun and cute animal Avatars it is certainly going to lift the mood and make the serious meeting rather understandable and enjoyable. Or how about pediatricians, if they look like cute and fluffy animal characters, don’t you think children would be less intimidated by them? Anyway, at a time like this where online academic lectures are routine, we need the Avatar feature to be included in the routine the most because according to the studies, showing up as your natural self is not much pleasing experience because a person either gets bored of looking at a set of same faces or focuses more on how presentable he looks in front of others but if you were to show up a fluffy fox mimicking your facial expressions, this is going to be another way around.

Now let’s move on to how you can use this tool. To turn on the Avatars on Zoom, the ^ button is present right next to the Start/Stop button, click it, then pick your favorite animal filter that you want to show up by clicking the option Choose Video Filter. You can customize your Avatar as well choose whether you want your Avatar to wear a hoodie or a cap. And you can also change the settings to automatically apply the Avatar upon every meeting entry.

In addition, you have a variety of other options too, for example, Snapchat-like filters where you can change your appearance as per your preferences. You have the full freedom to either wear bunny ears or funky glasses or how does the option of choosing your favorite Snapchat filter by using Snap’s cam sound, Fun right? Well, here is the good news: this is possible too. More importantly, Zoom will not be saving any record of your facial features if you use the Avatar feature on Zoom.

It is difficult to tell just yet how effective the Zoom Avatar feature is going to be in the future in the means of making online meetings fun because there might be times where your appearance as an animal will not be tolerated or the possibility of your teammates getting so fond of your animal face that they refuse to see your actual face, quite amusing I’d say! However, the times when we would want to look a little less stern, this type of situation could certainly be helped using Zoom Avatar features.

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