Twitter’s updated DM search will help users avoid scrolling through endless amount of text just to find the right chat they were looking for

Social media platforms need to keep on innovating new features to keep their users entertained. Big companies just like Facebook and Twitter try their best to develop new products to attract more users to their platform.

Twitter announced that the it has made some changes to its direct messaging feature. The microblogging social network has now made it possible for its users to search the conversation you had with your friend on the platform; just by putting in the topic, you had the conversation about or whatever words the user wrote. It was only possible to search usernames through its search bar on Twitter before this recent update, however now users will be able to easily locate the chat they had about ‘German Shepherds’ for examples just by searching the words. The new update will cut the time down that was needed to go scroll through all the long endless amount of text just to find the right conversation.

The update was overdue, it first originated when Twitter planned to add a search bar for Direct Messages for android devices just last year, Twitter announced that the content searcher was soon to be released later. The social media network might have delayed the release, but at least it is now available to be used on every device now, originally it was first released for iOS devices almost two years back.

The new search bar seems to be working on every platform including iOS, android as well as on the website. The new update can search old messages, however, it looks like the search bar won’t bring up chats older than 2020. This goes for the attempt made by searching usernames as well.

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