The upcoming Android CPUs will show your location 5x more accurately than it is now with the current tech

Soon, Android devices which have the latest high-end CPUs Snapdragon 8 Generation 1st and Snapdragon 888 smartphone platforms will be able to observe better location data under the diameter of almost 3 feet. Cristiano Amon’s QCOM will partner up with its longtime associate Trimble, using its correction services to allow Android developers and companies that provide services for the device to receive accurate coordinates.

According to Trimble, the collaboration will enhance Android’s location tracing by almost 5 times comparing it to what it is right now. The new technology is expected to be available for the public in the 2Q of 2022. The tech will provide new abilities such as keeping track of the place they are driving their car on through the GPS. The new update will greatly assist users in locating their ride buddies more efficiently and will better accuracy.

As of now, it cannot be said if the present smartphones will have the ability to locate accurately with the same technology. The idea of tech companies knowing about your present location, especially with such accuracy interferes with people’s private space. Nonetheless, users can turn off the locating system fully or even for some applications and will even be able to control their previous location history through their android devices.

According to the Vice President of QCOM’s production management; Francesco Grilli, Accurate positioning which is now almost down to a meter or maybe lesser is a must for the next generation of smartphones. This paves the way for great capabilities like better mapping, navigation, and many other amazing features.

Since the new CPU will be here later in the year, it’s expected that smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S22, Oneplus 10 Pro, or Xiaomi’s twelve series will be among the list of phones with the following features.

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