Twitter is adding many new features on the platform, including content warning on tweets, custom app icons, report center and more

Twitter is one of the world's top five social media networking apps. Its management is putting in a lot of effort to maintain its popularity. It appears that the social media behemoth is well aware of this truth if they can't keep its app up to date with new features. Their users have a larger selection of choices.

This week, Twitter unveiled a slew of new features and enhancements for its users. Some of these upgrades are active, while others are in the development process.

We will provide you with small details regarding all of these upgrades in this article.

With the launch of Twitter Blue last year, Twitter launched a subscription capability to iOS. After a few months on iOS, Twitter Blue now has the opportunity to change the color of the Twitter icon with minimal subscription fees.

From the official Twitter Blue account at the beginning of this week, they revealed that these color change options will be available to Android users as well, from a specific spectrum of hues. They range in color from light to orange, purple to green, and more, but they also provide users with more possibilities. They can choose from a variety of limited-time icons in an abstract design for only $2.99 per month.

Following this vibrant feature, Twitter has introduced a new tool that allows users to allow content warnings in individual tweets. Twitter has been experimenting with this functionality since last year. Twitter users can add a red flag to their individual posts, which allows you to hide private posts and photographs behind a "sensitive content" notice. Instead of issuing a blanket warning for all multimedia posts. It is now available to all worldwide users of Twitter on Android, iOS, and web users.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong reveled the remaining two features, one of which is a completely new feature and the other of which is an upgrade to an older function. They're still in the works, and we've no confirmation when they'll be ready for users. We're letting you know ahead of time what's cooking in the Twitter kitchen for their users.

According to Wong's tweets, the company is working on a feature dubbed "Report Center." We've all misplaced something vital in the midst of a sea of notice boxes or email inboxes. So don't worry, Twitter is working on a way to create a dedicated section for this. These items could include key tweets, DMs, users, and more. Whatever you report will be immediately filed in the "Report Corner."

Another tweet from Wong stated that the micro-blogging service is working on a "Tweet thread." According to its users, this is a much-needed upgrade. Sometimes we require more words than can't be conveyed in a single tweet, thus users naturally demand additional tweets in this case. It's a collection of linked tweets from a single person.

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