Twitter tests Tweet Gifts feature for content creators to earn money from the platform

Twitter is testing a new Award feature below the tweet option bar which looks like a gift icon to facilitate content creators to earn money from it.

Twitter has never left back from other social networking sites in introducing new features and it seems promising to engage and interact with more people all over the world. The micro-blogging platform serves to interact with people from different countries, gives us updates on various trending topics whether they are related to news, politics, cricket, or entertainment.

Twitter is planning to roll out a TweetAwards feature, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi and Jane Manchun Wong. Tweet Awards are nothing but the source of appreciation for the person who tweets. It is just like the support that we give to the tweeters for their time and efforts. It is different from donations that other social media platforms offer just like Facebook and YouTube. Rather it is more like a token of love in the form of an award and from which the tweeters can generate a good amount of money. Followers will have to click on the gifts icon same as the like option and the Company will give money to the Tweeter. However, to clarify, It’s not like donations but revenue.

On the other hand, Facebook has the option of stars for the community to generate money, Likewise, YouTube has got super stickers, and also there is a patron to support YouTubers in terms of money, Reddit has some other gifting options while TikTok has live gifts feature. People are supposed to donate money and appreciate emerging talent. This update is much needed on Twitter. Consequently, the Tweet awards option will let more people tweet, and it will motivate people to earn more followers by posting helpful content.

To sum up, Tweet Awards is considered as the most suitable way to acknowledge the talent of young creators and can help them to put in more effort to make better content for their audience. At this stage, the Company hasn’t revealed any official clues to predict how this feature will work and exactly when it will be rolled out for users.

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