Twitter Starts to Roll Out Analytics for Spaces

Twitter has been trying to experiment with new features for quite some time now, and while some of their experimental features such as Fleets ended up being removed for one reason or another, there have also been a few successes in that regard. One of the most prominent new features that Twitter has managed to incorporate into its platform is Spaces which is essentially a form of live broadcast in which you and other Twitter users that you give access to can have live discussions in front of a digital audience.

The social media platform has been adding multiple new features to Spaces in order to improve its functionality, and the latest update that it has brought to the mix involves allowing some Spaces hosts to start seeing their analytics. This will include statistics like how many listeners the Spaces was able to attract who were unique, the number of speakers that ended up being involved in the Space as well as other useful things like replays and total Spaces duration.

Another thing that Twitter has been trying to do is to allow users to host ticketed Spaces in order to increase their overall revenue streams, and they have offered analytics that enable hosts to monitor ticket sales and get a good idea of how well they performed. Twitter has also started letting hosts share clips of their Spaces, and it seems quite clear that this social media site is attempting to make this new feature a mainstay of its platform and allow users to incorporate it into their overall tweeting strategies as well.

With Twitter continuing to work on its dedicated tab meant solely for Spaces, it will be interesting to see how this feature continues to progress. One thing to note is that it has not achieved the level of popularity that people had initially expected it to given the hype that apps like Clubhouse had generated, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter would necessarily scale it back because it has still seen a pretty widespread rate of adoption and that can continue to grow as Twitter upgrades and modifies the feature.

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