Microsoft's aim to further assist Cybersecurity sector; this time by occupying millions more jobs internationally

On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed their idea of starting a training program in multiple countries to fill the jobs available in the Cybersecurity sector.

With the increasing risk of Cyber-attack, the demand for cybersecurity has been increased to great extent, and so it creates a plenty of jobs in this sector. This is a fact that it is not that simple to fill up millions of jobs. For this reason, Microsoft has decided to involve almost 23 countries. The aim is that by the year 2025, 3.5 million jobs will be introduced in the Cybersecurity sector.

But before starting the jobs,basic training is very important. For this purpose, Microsoft has the plan to start training programs in different countries globally, including US, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa, UK, Poland, Germany and other European countries. Previously, Microsoft has done the training campaign in the US only, involving its 135 colleges at different locations. Microsoft has the aim to team up with different stakeholders of these countries like government, private businesses, NGOs, Educational Institutes etc.

The selected countries for the skilling program have some common attributes like the high Cybersecurity threats and gaps in the diversification of jobs in the Cybersecurity sector. These countries lack diversification in their Cybersecurity sector. On an estimate, the representation of females is only 17% in the Cybersecurity sector of 2 dozen countries. Thus, ignoring women in the Cybersecurity sector has caused some consequences of vacant jobs. So Microsoft actually wants to empower females in this field along with men.

In this way, they have both men and women working against cyber threats, making the field more powerful and sustainable. Microsoft has also collaborated with OECD i.e. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to better understand the difficulties faced by countries regarding the training programs on an individual level. Microsoft will also offer several free services through their online platform to assist countries in the training. Microsoft accepts that in order to fill out all jobs, this field should be accessible to everyone out there. But before starting any campaign, first understand the issues and problems that are being faced regarding this field, so that the issues can be resolved in the best possible way. Microsoft has collaborated with more than 1,000 educational institutes globally as they can help in making more teachers for teaching Cybersecurity stuff, similarly with other online training programs that have a total of 15,000 online learners on their platforms.

The on field working has already started by Microsoft as Colombian government has started various campaigns to train almost 68,000 people, in which 20,000 are women, this is in collaboration with Microsoft. The situation is quite worse in India as there are more jobs and less skilled people. According to an estimate, there will be 1.5 million jobs in the field of cybersecurity by year 2025 in India. But the lack of skills is up to 42%. Therefore, Microsoft has partnered with an NGO in India, they will reach up to 6,000 students from 1,000 institutions.

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