Twitter is planning to make TweetDeck a paid premium feature under the Twitter Blue subscription service

Twitter users are expected to face a hard time if TweetDeck is made a paid premium feature under the Twitter blue subscription service because of the fact that this subscription service is only available in a few countries.

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard used to manage twitter accounts. Initially this app started as a third party application but was bought by twitter for around 40 million dollars in the year 2011. TweetDeck aids a user by offering a convenient experience of twitter by allowing the user to view multiple timelines in a single easy interface. Not only this, but the TweetDeck also allows a user to use advanced features to get the maximum output from twitter. And by using these advanced features, a user is able to build tweet collections, manage multiple accounts of twitter, schedule tweets to post in the future and much more.

Last year in June twitter launched its first ever subscription service under the name of twitter blue. This subscription service was initially offered in Canada and Australia and costs about $ 3.49 CAD and $ 4.49 AUD respectively. But later that year in November this subscription service became available to New Zealand and the United States. It has been reported that this subscription service costs about $2.99 per month in the United States. This subscription allows the users to access the premium features that includes various tools to organize bookmarks, declutter formats to read threads efficiently and the most requested “Undo Tweet” feature.

TweetDeck is currently a free of charge application that promises to provide organizing, engaging and real time tracking to the users. It is also an ad free application and due to this reason this app is a go to application among the people. But it is being said that twitter is planning to charge for the TweetDeck by making it a premium feature. Moreover, Jane Manchun Wong (a reverse application engineer) claims that if in case Twitter moves along with the idea of making TweetDeck a paid premium feature under the twitter blue subscription service, around millions of people who do not have any access to the subscription service will be deprived of this top notch feature due to the reason that the subscription service is only currently made available to a few countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.

As per the reports, this is not the first time that twitter has planned to make TweetDeck a paid feature. It is reported that before the launch of the twitter blue (which released last year) twitter was planning to add TweetDeck to the premium features of this subscription service, but up till now it has not happened yet.

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