Google is going to roll out an air raid feature on Androids in Ukraine

This week, Google announced to roll out an Air alert update on mobile phones to ensure the safety of Ukraine’s people. The new feature is really helpful in providing information to the residents about the country’s situation in the current scenario.

Ukraine’s government has requested Google and other Tech Giants to deploy a feature that will assist Android users to get an update on airstrikes based on the signals sent by Ukraine’s intelligence services. Considering current circumstances in Ukraine, neighboring countries such as Poland, Germany, France, Romania, Hungary, and so on are accepting refugees from Ukraine. More than 2 million refugees have fled the war in Ukraine since Russia started to launch its missile attack and sent its troops to Ukraine. Consequently, Google launched its air raids alert system on android in response to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s solicitation. So, now the people will know before the launch of the attack in the nearby location. The android pings will be based on official alerts sent by the regulatory authorities.

Furthermore, Google has decided to take several other steps to help Ukraine. The Company has restricted monetization on YouTube channels that are run by Russian content creators. They have also stopped payments and subscriptions on Google cloud services and other applications for Russian users. For this latest update, the user will have to ‘on’ the device’s location and make sure the internet is properly connected. If the android version is 12, then go to settings, proceed to safety and emergency, and Ukraine air system alerts will be available on the mobile phone. For android 5-12, turn on-location services, and air alerts will be available.

The air alert system will aid Ukraine's already existing air operations and will aid the low-latency alert mechanism that Google built for natural disasters' alerts on mobile phones. Well, I think the air alert system works on the wireless emergency alert system already built-in several Android mobile sets. In the same vein, I believe Apple may introduce a similar kind of feature for iPhones.

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