Google Assistant about to take down the Snapshot feature, the only decedent left of Google Now

For every brand, the user experience and their convenience is the topmost priority and for that, they keep working on variable features considering their users’ needs. With Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa Google launched its own version known as Google Assistant back in 2016, and since then it has made incredible progress. In 2018 with new advancements, Google introduced a new feature in Google Assistant called Snapshot, which basically is just an extension of Google Now. Along with being highly customizable, the feature is a breakdown of your upcoming activities presented within cards on your screen which helps you keep all your relevant stuff at your fingertips with just a click away. It keeps you updated about the daily news, weather updates, upcoming events, stock market updates, and other information that can be extracted easily by just asking the Assistant directly.

Being a core part of the OS, this feature is currently running in all Android devices, although a little hidden as compared to Google Now. When you swipe left from the home screen of your Android phone, you’ll be welcomed with the Google News page, providing headlines of what’s happening around the globe. At the top of that page, you’ll see this Snapshot icon right beside your account profile. Due to some reasons, it couldn’t get much hype and wasn’t even known to many of the users which is why it wasn’t really a hit for the company as it would’ve been otherwise.

Sadly, people who had access to this incredible feature and were up-to-date with all the recent information and events recently received a flashcard saying, ‘Snapshot is going away soon'. Not sure though when this news popped but a few people reported noticing it this Thursday morning. Google announced that they are about to take down Snapshot in a short time, leaving users unable to access their feeds, however, no hard date is given yet. But they have published a support page that aims to provide users the information about where they can find similar updates on other Google Assistant products once Snapshot is finally taken down.

As per 9to5G, other than being a useful tool for its users, Snapshot was never prioritized by Google itself, so it’s not a surprise that Google abolished the feature. Some of the Android users reported that they weren’t able to access the feature till now, that’s because the feature was out of the way and hidden from public view after the ‘bug’ last year and even before that it wasn’t as prominent as Google Now. Author Ben Schoon himself reported that he even can’t access Snapshot on his Pixel 6 Pro.

Besides, one should not neglect the bitter reality that Google’s most important product is Discover as it is a greater source of revenue and engagement to the company as compared to Snapshot, which is exactly why Google didn’t let Snapshot replace Discover’s position on the left side of the home screen.

Despite all the reasoning, Snapshot was a user-oriented app that will be missed when it’s gone.

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