Rising Talent On TikTok Is Not Getting Paid On For Their Content, This Might Be The Reason

There is total chaos and frustration among the TikTok community due to the latest update of payment settings on TikTok. Many rising stars who after a long period of hard work earned the batch and got worthy of getting paid for their famous content have noticed that they are out of nowhere have been kicked out of the registration system. This issue is not only limited to being the business of rising stars, but some dedicated old creators are facing this issue as well and I mean who are we to blame them for their public outrage, TikTok cannot just shut its users out and expect them not to react over it.

Byte Dance Ltd.’s video platform pays the creators the amount in return for their posted viral videos, it is like getting a wage for their efforts. But it’s been almost a month or above that due to the recently appeared glitch creators are neither able to sign up into their own creator fund account nor the qualified and eligible creators could register themselves.

A TikTok creator gave out his statement on this issue and said that he would post his videos three times a day with the aim to grow his account and become qualified to sign up the fund account for creators. And congratulations to him because according to him he had gotten qualified just last week but this glitch is making him feel like he hasn’t achieved anything, no matter how many times a day I check whether it is gone, it’s useless because I always find that the issue is still there. He spoke. Glitch is making all the creators wonder about how much they would have earned for their viral videos if this problem wasn’t there.

A large number of users on TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit’s TikTok Help forum could be seen talking about a similar problem of a glitch avoiding creators from joining the fund, posted similar stories can still be found in the articles from last month as well.

And after a long month of this issue becoming a hot topic among the public TikTok decided to come forward and released an official statement assuring the creators that they are aware of this glitch and its possible effects on their funds and that creators should stop worrying as they are doing everything in their power to fix this issue as soon as possible. TikTok encourages its users to keep giving their feedback because it assists in the betterment of the website and improves the experience of its user.

If you want to become qualified for a creator fund account first you need to be 18+ years old, second, have 10 thousand followers, 100 thousand views on more than 2 videos posted on your profile over the past 30 days. If you manage to fulfill this criterion, you become a qualified creator. on TikTok, your payment is not dependent on the number of ads posted with your content but the number of views, followers you have, and how much you seemingly adhere to the TikTok community rules.

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