TikTok’s New Editing Tool Enables Users To Access Content From GIPHY’s Video Clip Library

TikTok is launching a new editing tool that gives its users complete access to tap into GIPHY’s video clip library.

The new partnership between TikTok and GIPHY on the editing tool means users can now grab clips at a faster pace from a diverse collection of short videos.

The new in-app tool is called the TikTok library and is being declared worlds apart from its previous GIPHY offerings.

Moreover, the new integration is being renowned as the first tool that makes use of the comprehensive GIPHY video library. But don’t get confused about the name as it’s also referred to as GIFs with a sound.

The news was released by TikTok recently via a public announcement where the company says they’re taking their creativity toolkit to a new level of excitement with this venture by introducing the Library, powered by GIPHY content.

Similarly, the app spoke about easy access for users to a diverse array of content that opens a plethora of creative possibilities for so many.

TikTok library also provides users with entertaining content that makes it easier for so many to begin participating in a number of their own trends. In case you’re wondering how, well, you can now use different clips from your favorite shows, memes, or classic GIFs that are seamlessly integrated into your videos.

The fun and creativity do not stop there. Tiktok also spoke about other integrations of GIPHY with the app. This includes both stickers and the use of the green screen, where users can put their GIFs either behind their recorded content or on top of it.

In case you’re wondering what makes the TikTok library different than others, well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Users will now be able to incorporate famous video clips as a part of their own content.

For instance, the GIPHY integration functionality within the TikTok library will now feature popularly recognized clips of high quality from a number of verified providers. Common examples include Hulu, HBO, ABC, amongst others.

GIPHY also publicly shared with the world what its new integration into the TikTok ecosystem will be like.

Here is where the platform revealed how the integration will bring forward new and breakthrough entertainment content that users can parody, comment on, or even hold discussions. Hence, this means saying hello to greater opportunities for creator participation or the chance for many to kickstart their own viral trends.

GIPHY hopes this will add an innovative dimension in terms of entertainment to the entire TikTok ecosystem.

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