The Insight Of Why British Military Decided To Ban WhatsApp And What Purpose Is It Supposed To Serve

As you all may know about the Russian-Ukraine crisis, and what threats and fears this issue is giving birth to. But to keep the threats at bay, the British military seemingly has come up with a solution, to ban WhatsApp for security reasons because there is a possibility of the Russian government peeking over the sensitive information that belongs to the country and using it with malignant intentions. However, the Ministry of Defense has officially announced the news of the deletion of WhatsApp. Besides the commoners, the government of the United Kingdom has also made decisions that even the senior ministers will be kept from using WhatsApp for the time being.

But then came the twist to the story when Will Cathcart the head of Whatsapp came forward and denied all the claims. He released his statement via Twitter and said that the actions taken by the British military are totally opposite to the facts.

Furthermore, he explained how all the made-up points the news portal daily mail announced is a total waste of time, WhatsApp has a default security policy for all messages i.e., “END-TO-END ENCRYPTION” (E2EE) this installed feature not only secures one’s messages completely but also makes it impossible for any outside source to leak your messages. E2EE also protects your calls to get hijacked by any third party.

In addition, Will Catchart called this chaos of fake rumors spreading around “the information battle” and claimed that a lot of jokers wanna be actors are trying to make people suspicious of the message security provided by WhatsApp which could possibly result in a large portion of population deleting the WhatsApp and switching to other communication source and messaging app that is not fully safe to use at all, where users actually do end up losing their sensitive information, the thing that we are anxious about from the very start of privacy age.

Will Catchart pleaded with the people to not listen to these fake rumors as well as avoid spreading them. He assured us that their team is working hard and will continue to do so to keep users' information, messages, call records, and other sensitive data nice and secure. He assured that his team is full of those people who respect others' privacy and value its protection. And hoped for the trust of users in him and his team.

But now the question arises why the rumors went around and what possibly could be the purpose of those who made such claims? And the boss of WhatsApp has the answer to all these queries, he tweeted that the reason is to snatch the trust of people in the WhatsApp security system.

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