Whatsapp gives news about giving one feature and taking one away

Whatsapp is more than an app for many people, for some it is a way of staying connected and for some it means seeing their loved ones even though it is just through a call. Ever since the app launched in 2009, it gained many downloads as it was released as an alternative to SMS messaging which needed balance or credit to send messages and was quite pricey.

Whatsapp has recently experimented with new features because updates are necessary to keep an app running and to keep its users intrigued in the app. The updates included one where the Quick reply button was removed for users who had the standard accounts and the second was Managing order (for Business users) which is still under development and will be included in a future update.

As per WABI, the managing orders feature is still under development at the Whatsapp and upon release will only be available to Business users. This feature will be added as a part of the features added for the ease of the business users. It will be accessed from Business tools section by clicking on the Orders option. It will allow a business to manage the orders they have set for customers but only the ones that they have listed. The feature is right now only available for some Beta users on iOS but soon will be available for Android ones as well but the date is not announced yet.

Moving on, the second feature concerns the removal of the Quick Reply options for the Standard users. But some people said that they could use the Quick Replies with their Standard accounts. This was obviously a bug as it is not possible to use this feature because it is a business only feature and activates only once when a user transforms their normal account into a business one. To solve this bug the feature is now going to be removed for all standard users.

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