The group responsible for Nvidia ransomware attack has now added Samsung to its victim list

The South Korean international manufacturing giant Samsung has today announced that a group of cybercriminals has breached into the company’s servers. The company has informed its customers that there’s no threat to their personal information for now.

As reported by Bloomberg, the electronics giant confirmed the bizarre scenario after claims were being made that a hacking group that goes by the name of LAPSUS$ managed to gain access into the company’s data. The hacking group previously managed to steal closed-source information from Nvidia, a company that deals in the manufacturing of graphic processing units. Samsung avoided disclosing the group responsible for the breach. Actions to avoid any further damage or prevent any further breach are now being taken, according to the company’s spokesperson.

The hacking group through their Telegram channel uploaded the hacked file which was sized up to around One-Ninety GigaBytes, just last week. LAPSUS$ further went on to claim that the file contained sensitive information stolen from the Korean tech giant. The breach exposed the setback of the company’s security.

While Samsung responded to the situation by claiming that the group did not manage to steal any of its client’s data, but only managed to steal Samsung Galaxy’s source code.

In the past, the same hacking group tried blackmailing Nvidia by threatening to leak the company’s source code, as well as attempting to sell software that would crack the company’s crypto mining limiter.

As for now, there’s no news about any similar demand being made by the hacking group to the Korean company.

By adding Nvidia, and now Samsung to its victim list; the group gives us a reminder that ransomware is here to stay and continues to grow stronger.

According to the expert; In Samsung’s case, the hackers now leave the company’s future compromised.

Dave Pairstein, who is the head of production and engineering for TruU, a cyber-security company, says that Ransomware is not going away. He further explained how irresponsible behavior from business companies has made the job for hacking groups like LUPSUS$ much easier.

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