Instagram sunsets its separate apps including Boomerang and Hyperlapse

Instagram’s video creation apps, hyperlapse and boomerangs have been vanished from Google Play and Apple App Store, as spotted by some users.

If you’re recording video, it’s more likely than not you’re using a phone. You’re just holding a rectangle up in front of your face and in that position, you can’t help but have a little handshake especially when you’re walking but there’s a free app that can shake your shaky footage and make it look something like a Terrence Malick film. Yes! I am talking about the hyperlapse app. Earlier in 2014, it was rolled out by Instagram offering amazing stabilization and editing features.

Soon after this, the boomerang app was launched, which was designed to facilitate users who want to edit their videos in a fast forward manner and to produce short looping videos. Both the apps seem to be demise just after the news break notifying that Instagram pulls up its popular stand-alone application, IGTV.

It’s not that shocking, as Instagram already removed both of these apps on 1st March. Meanwhile, the parent company, Meta decided to focus on the main Instagram app features to provide users with a variety of updates. However, to clarify, Instagram still shows boomerang and time-lapse features live on Instagram stories. So there is nothing to worry about.

It’s reasonable to presume that this needs to be done to explore a better video experience for both the content creators and viewers worldwide. Well, this Boomerang feature remains built-in to the Instagram camera as before and another substitute is Instagram reels that provide a playback speed option for your videos and clips, which is the same functionality as offered by Hyperlapse.

Having said that, Instagram does also align with a broader push to streamline and untangle its various features and there isn’t any need now to go and download other apps for your video editing purpose. Subsequently, your android’s space will also be left enough when you refrain from downloading jumble apps.

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