iOS users can now hide their Super Follower Badge on Twitter

On September 1, 2021, the microblogging social network, Twitter rolled out its new feature, namely Super Follows.

This feature is a whole new method that allows content creators to make some money by adding subscription-only content. Those who want to get access to this subscription-based content will be required to pay $2.99 to $9.99 per month.

Following all the updates being introduced by the platform for this feature, this week, Twitter announced that they have decided to enable users to turn off their Super Follower Badge if they want to while replying to a public post by any creator. However, this new option can only be used by Apple’s iOS users. According to the official Twitter account of Super Follows, the badge can be removed from display through the manage subscription settings, which can be opened by tapping the super follow button on the creator's page.

The subscription-based content features not only exclusive content, but even behind-the-scenes content is shared if the creator wants to.

Unfortunately, this feature can only be utilized by content creators who fulfill the eligibility criteria. This criteria includes the creator being older than eighteen, should be in the United States with more than ten thousand followers and over 25 different tweets within one month. If a user wants to get access to such content, they just need to tap the purple button present at the top right corner and enjoy the content.

While other social media applications are providing more monetization policies, Twitter is not letting itself out of the picture. Building a Super Follow option has allowed the platform to be used by creators to earn money. The feature is being used by people from different fields of expertise. Such as Tiara Will, a famous make-up artist who shares her knowledge and other skin care guidelines on her monetised page. and has also enabled it to be interactive if someone has any queries.

So far, the feature has been doing great. It is still left to see how much time will be taken before Android users as well as PC users will be allowed to use the service of turning badges down.

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