Study reveals that Facebook Gaming is completely littered by pirated and spammed content

Facebook Gaming is a completely gaming orientated feature and allows users to stream their gaming content on the app. The app surpassed YouTube Gaming and now stands in second place after Twitch and has the second most streams on the internet. However, the app has failed to make any big streaming names to its own. While it has notable names like Neymar Jr. and StoneMountain64, but they don’t have the top streams or appear in the top streams rankings. Also, it needs to be added that none of the streamers on the platform appear in Stream Lab’s list of the most successful streamers.

In a recent study based on CrowdTangle data, revealed that the so-called creators on the platform are really people who steal and pirate movie clips by disguising them as gaming videos. There are also very insensible videos floating upon the app.

The way that these videos get so many views is very hard to explain as they have weird titles like “car vs. giant bulge” etc. While some of these videos have some footage of gaming most of the time they contain stolen movie clips which are accompanied by a small bit of game streaming. Even with all of Facebook’s policies on spam or stolen content many of these accounts belong to users who are in the Level up program which gives them the ability the sell fan memberships and also have many other monetization feature which are available only to users who comply with the policies and upload original content which these users do not do at all.

As some examples let’s take a look at the top most streamed videos on the app which were all nonsensical and had pirated clips in them. The first one was uploaded by a user who went by the name AU, was titled “Cars vs. Giant Crater - Giant Pit” but did not include any footage of the game but had an 11 minute clip from the movie “Cook up a storm”. Likewise the third also had a clip from the same movie and was uploaded by a user named Farhad who was affiliated with AU. Both of these videos have been removed now.

The company says that it has developed tech to find and downgrade the videos that are using this type of method to gain views as it is against Facebook’s policies that non-gaming videos be tagged as gaming ones.

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