Meta’s new Move application will help you remain motivated and consistent with your tasks

There are instances where you feel extremely unmotivated or just don’t have it in you to complete a task. Your laziness in such times can not only make you lose your deadlines but overburden you with work too. This in turn can impact your mental and physical health. However, Meta cares about you in such regards and its new feature is a proof of this.

With the release of the 'Move' app, Meta's new product experiment team has come up with a solution to this never-ending challenge.

Keep in mind that Meta's NPE team has announced a strategy shift. The main goal of this software is to assist users who are having difficulty completing a task. It's now simple and doable thanks to the Meta Move app which helps users plan their group duties and reward them with app rewards.

You can keep track of your personal and group to-do lists with the Move Tasks App. Check out assignments as you complete them to get a firsthand look at what your group is doing (and not doing)! You get points for getting things done, which you can use to dribble out your Alpaca Avatar and show who's genuinely industrious.

It's similar to the kind of reward you'd give your juniors or little ones for completing chores around the house, except instead of money in the shape of a reward, you get digital toys in the shape of accessories and features for your avatar symbol, which in this case is an alpaca.

Now, there is a question that has arisen. What is the significance of the Alpaca? Nowadays, the digital world is infatuated with monkey drawings; therefore this small charming animal deserves some of our affection as well.

It's basically a project management solution for small businesses. In which you can outsource tasks to a number of people for lighter, more pleasurable rewards. So, project management without the risk of being dismissed if you don't perform your part.

However, while the app seems like a great initiative to drive motivation for users to complete their tasks, it won’t be released for a while now. The app is currently available to only iOS users that too for testing purposes. The tech firm hasn’t announced as to when it will be released for Android users or globally.

Though, whenever it will be, we are sure it will be a success as all other Meta initiatives.

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