Microsoft rolls out its Edge version to 99, with secured multi-profile experiences and better PDF files navigation

Microsoft Edge version 99.0.1131.3 brings about enhanced customized user profiles and an Auto-fill password manager for websites, along with better PDF file navigation.

As with Microsoft version 99, you may have heard about the news that Microsoft has launched some new security policies. This will provide users with an enhanced layer of protection when browsing the web. If you head up to the menu in the top right, and click on Settings and go to profiles or simply click on the existing logged-in profile at the topmost bar and manage profile Settings, there you have to click on the profile preferences, and with this, you can have profile preferences for different sites, which you can add, edit or delete automatic profile switching websites list and this gives you an opportunity to add multiple profiles and when you go to different sites, the browser will change your profile with the preferred profile for that site. However, as after the launch of version 99, Microsoft is heading towards 100. It could pose a problem for older websites as older websites that aren’t upgraded, misread version 100 as 10. For that reason, the company has warned the web developers to upgrade their sites. Additionally, if an unauthorized person tries to log in to websites on your PC, Windows will not allow access based on the auto-fill username and password, rather it will ask Windows’ desktop password for the confirmation process. Also, the interesting feature is that Microsoft allows the admins to choose if they want to use a password manager for certain websites or not, now simply you can block Google’s password manager by turning on the block list of password manager, so that your profile information will not be saved on any website.

Along with that, Microsoft offers an updated PDF navigation panel on the left pane, displaying the page number and interface of the content. With this version, you will be able to navigate the contents of the PDF reader. You can simply search a keyword if the PDF file has a table of contents, so this will help in doing paperwork assisting in searching for specific terms.

Interestingly, with these security updates and much-needed pdf navigation, life has become much easier. Now you won’t get bothered if your private information is saved on your PC and no one will be able to access your profile, including trusted websites and third-party apps.


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