How you can avail an amazing hands-free TikTok experience by punching in a few commands

TikTok is a famous video-sharing app, which is famous among the younger generation. The Chinese version of the short video-sharing platform was launched in September 2016.

On this video-sharing platform, you can share videos created by others, upload your own and even you can personalize your video.

TikTok became successful right after it landed globally. The primary reason for this app's rapid popularity is its personalized video option, and people have been addicted to it. Especially the newer generation.

Moreover, the content on the app is mesmerizing. The users of the app from all around the world find themselves using it everywhere and every time. They are scrolling through the app for hours and hours.

While the endless scrolling can be painful for your finger muscle, the smart generation of the tech geeks have found a solution. Recently, a devoted user of TikTok has found a hack so that your finger muscles can relax and you can search easily without scrolling the screen.

Shannon, a TikTok user with the ID of @diaperbagrag (via Mashable), recently found a simple iPhone hack, although this hack is accessible from the Android devices too.

First, go to your iPhone setting, then accessibility, and then on the accessibility page tap on the voice control, if the voice control option is not turned on, switch it on. Then on the voice control, the options page sub menu is displayed in front of you, from that particular menu choose the customized commands.

Now it's time to create your own commands. Write whatever you want your voice control to speak and then swipe on the for you page. Once you have chosen TikTok as the only application to access this feature, you will be good to go.

On Android, voice access will be available on the accessibility menu of the app.

Indeed, it is a lifesaver hack. Now you don't need to scroll your phone with wet or dirty hands. Here is Shannon for finding such a great hack and sharing it with the world.

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