New Survey Proves YouTube Is The Best Platform For Product Promotion

The latest consumer survey from Izea was conducted to see which social media platform was the best for influencers in terms of the promotion of products.

Hands down, YouTube was the top preference for most consumers coming from the US who considered it the best for trying new products. The study also revealed how recommendations from top influencers were preferred, in comparison to those given by leading celebrities.

The renowned influencer-marketing firm’s CEO Ted Murphy highlighted how this generation has mostly grown up watching people rule the world of social media. Be it their favorite actors, models, or influencers in general. This is altered the dynamics incredibly to what things were like years before.

As far as why YouTube may be leading the pack, well, it has to do with the platform’s longer-form videos, giving it that added touch of persuasiveness.

How did other platforms compare to Youtube?

Well, the statistics are right in front of you. Facebook and Instagram came in at a close second position with 24%. Meanwhile, TikTok was third with 14%, followed by Twitter at 4% and Pinterest at 3%.

To ensure the report was as accurate as possible, Izea ventured out to test consumer sentiments related to both influencer marketing and advertising, taking into consideration demographics like age and genders.

As a whole, 1237 social media users from the US were surveyed. Moreover, they were questioned about sponsored posts by influencers as well as product promotions across diverse platforms.

36% stated how their number one reason to try new products was influencer posts

Undoubtedly, influencer posts are effective means of persuasion that enable people to experiment with products. This is closely followed by advertisements and social ads too.

It should be noted that TV ads didn’t gel too well with the younger consumers as much as they did with those arising in the middle age bracket.

62% said they trusted influencer based sponsored posts in comparison to those from celebs

While both may be great at promotion, it's actually influencers that are trusted more than A-list celebs themselves. The logic here is simple, people perceive them to be more authentic as they feel influencers actually care about the people or brands they work with, on a more personal level.

Women were more likely to try new products from influencers in comparison to men

Interestingly, 41.8% of women that were surveyed appeared more receptive to trying out new influencer recommended products than men.

Therefore, this explains why women are generally deemed to be the main factor in the world of influencer marketing. And that probably explains why they gain the most deal-flow at discounted rates too.

But let’s not forget how women are also more engaged by influencers as well as approached in influencer marketing.

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