Facebook's advertising service is still eloquently getting progress despite Apple's Tracking Transparency measures

Meta-owned Facebook, seems to generate better ads revenue despite the ATT feature that was launched last year on iphone, ipads etc from Apple.

ATT allows the users to decide whether to allow applications to fetch their preferences, web activity and current location or revoke it. This feature was rolled out in iOS 14.5 and now it is also accessible on 72% of latest iPhones and on iOS 15 too. It's a really helpful feature on iOS as it forces the applications on iphone and ipads to ask the user's consent before tracking their activity on them. In the iPhone, whenever you use any app a sudden popup message will display on apps' interface asking your permission granting access based on the IDFA. IDFA is a device id which is used by apps to target online advertisements. So, when you deny the access, apps will no longer track your device and won't show you ads.

According to a report, more than 80% of iOS users deny tracking to the apps. This causes serious shaky results to the apps whose revenue is entirely based on the targeted ads such as Facebook and Youtube. Due to this ATT, Meta forecasted to lose $10 billion in ads profit because of Apple's new users' privacy feature. However, Meta tries to resist and criticize Apple for this but Apple remains adamant to the idea of protection of consumers. To tackle this, Meta remodeled its ads infrastructure to provide enhanced quality personalized advertisements. Now, Meta has been able to earn more profit from the ads despite of ATT.

Furthermore, according to sources it was revealed that Facebook and Snapchat somehow managed to bypass ATT by using loopholes. This section of news is still left unclear as to how they were able to keep growing even with Apple's new ATT in practice.

Despite Apple's ATT implementation, Meta's Facebook is still generating enough revenue which is much more than the expected amount. Even Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that revenues might take a hit but the results have been far better. In addition, Meta also stated that they'll be adapting to Apple's new update and improving their optimizations so they can display ads and generate revenue.

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