Most Hated Professions or Jobs in the USA and UK

You can tell a lot from the tone of people's tweets. In fact, analyzing what we post online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gauge public opinion.

So when it came to finding out how we feel about different types of professions, job experts turned to Twitter. It looked at the percentage of negative Twitter mentions per job title and came up with several charts highlighting the US and UK's most loved and hated occupations.

But which jobs made it onto the lists? Find out below

Least loved professions in the USA

While many legal professionals are essentially good people, the American public sees some truth in the joke. And that's because a lawyer is officially the least loved occupation in the USA; 61% of mentions including lawyers expressed frustration or anger toward the profession.

With 56% negative mentions, journalists come next. And their inclusion should come as no surprise. The media landscape in the USA is more divided than ever; both sides of the political spectrum believe they're being lied to and manipulated on a daily basis.

"90% of politicians give the other 10% a bad name," said US Statesman Henry Kissinger. The American people seem to agree. Half of their tweets mentioning politicians were negative, making it the third most hated occupation.

US citizens have also got major issues with construction workers, accountants, and CEOs.

The most loved occupations in the USA

Receptionists are the friendly, welcoming face of their organization. They're responsible for creating a positive first expression for customers or clients walking through the door.

US receptionists are excelling at their task, according to the research by Only 5% of receptionist related tweets express some hostile sentiment toward the profession. That makes them the most loved occupation in the USA.

With just 11% of bad tweets, chefs are the second most loved workers. It proves that keeping people fed is an excellent way to keep them happy.

Realtors and cashiers also made it into the top five. So did dentists, which is pretty impressive. Because if you're drilling people's teeth and still getting their love, you must be doing something right.

State by state breakdown of the least loved US professionals

The disdain for lawyers runs deep. Even on a state by state basis, they're still the least liked professionals in the USA. They had the most negative Twitter mentions in 14 States, including Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Journalists maintained their second place in the state by state research. They're the most unpopular professionals in 11 states. Journalists and news reporters are not looked fondly upon in California, Arizona, or Georgia.

The third least-loved workers on a state by state basis are teachers. The nine states where educators receive the highest percentage of hostile social shout-outs include New York, Ohio, and Delaware.

Social commentators believe America's dislike for its teachers is linked to the (ongoing) failure of high-profile reform programs and the public's failure to appreciate the pressures of working within such a demanding and bureaucratic system.

Most loved US professions on the state level

Students receive the most Twitter love on the state level. The people in 12 US states, including Wyoming and New Mexico, tweet mostly good things about their students.

And, yes, we get it; being a student isn't a ‘real’ profession. But for every 'beer pong major' who skips Monday morning class, there's a medical student or PhD candidate busting their 'you know what' for 70 hours a week. So we're going to let the students have this one.

Again, chefs are the US's second most appreciated workers. They're particularly well-loved in Florida, California, and Maryland.

Vermont is the only US state (and maybe the only place in the world) where politicians are appreciated more than any other professional. Then again, Vermont has voted democratic in every election since 2004. So its enthusiasm for those currently in power could be an overreaction to the exit of Donald Trump

The least liked professions in the UK

Across the pond, people in the UK haven't got much respect for their journalists, politicians, or lawyers. All three appear in the top 5 least-loved occupations in the UK.

But none of them gets as many negative Twitter mentions as estate agents; 68% of estate agent tweets in the UK are bad. Common criticisms include deliberately overvaluing properties, pushy sales tactics, and outright lies. Many people also notice that the quality of customer service plummets once you've signed on the dotted line and handed over your deposit. And then there are those fees. $500 admin for the printing of a few pieces of paper? A deep cleaning charge to remove stains you could only see with a microscope? No wonder estate agents are rubbing Brits the wrong way.

Construction workers are also aggravating the British public. Noisy road work, traffic congestion, and crass language are regularly complained out by Twitter users. You'll see this kind of stuff in one out of every two construction-related tweets from the UK.

The occupations that British people love

With a negative tweet ratio of just 15%, receptionists are the most appreciated workers in the United Kingdom.

Accountants are second. Only 16% of their Twitter mentions read negatively. They must be working really hard to keep those UK tax bills down.

Chefs take the third spot in the UK rankings (18%), followed by students; only 24% of their Twitter mentions are unkind.

Unlike many of their US cousins, the Brits value and respect the teaching profession. Less than 30% of teaching tweets are negative, earning educators a place in the UK's top 10 list of most respected jobs.

Mechanics (27%) and electricians (28%) occupy two more spots. The rest belong to traders (25%), managers (29%, and CEOs (31%).

Most people - whatever their job title - try to do their best. So maybe we should all try and be a little kinder to each other - on Twitter and in real life.
Study reveals the most complained about occupation
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