Microsoft Word Breaks Into Most Popular Apps List With 16 Million Play Store Downloads in February

Using a word processor can be rather useful because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing you to record your thoughts or write down documents in an easy enough manner. While there are definitely several different kinds of word processors that you could decide to use for one reason or another, suffice it to say that Microsoft Word remains the single most popular one at least on personal computers.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the Microsoft Word Android app has been really increasing in popularity as well. It was downloaded 16 million times in February alone which makes it the 7th most downloaded app on the Google Play Store. If you factor in the 2 million times it was downloaded from the Apple App Store, it manages to clinch the number 9 spot in the top ten list for overall app downloads.

However, the most downloaded app in the world is still TikTok. It was downloaded 41 million times across both the Play Store and App Store which gives it the number one spot, followed closely by Instagram with 39 million downloads in February. Instagram was the most downloaded on the Play Store, though, with TikTok dropping to third place on that platform. However, TikTok reached the top of the rankings on the App Store, and its ample Play Store downloads meant that the top spot in overall downloads belonged to it alone.

YouTube, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen on the overall top downloads list, although it got to third place on the App Store with 10 million downloads. This should come as no surprise because most Android users don’t have to download YouTube in the first place since Google has it as a stock app because it’s one of their most popular properties right now. Things like this can impact the rankings that apps can achieve in terms of total downloads per month so try to keep that in mind.

H/T: App Figures.

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