Meta is experimenting with new monetization options for creators

In July 2021, Meta committed to investing $1 billion in the programs aiming to provide new ways for social media content creators on Facebook and Instagram to earn. As promised many of the influencers are making money through plenty of views and engagement from their posts.

Facebook has been testing out some of its bonus programs including the Reel Play bonus and the Star Double bonus but hasn’t revealed to the public about this new earning method yet.

As per Insider, they have some screenshots that show that Facebook is confidentially trying out its various bonus programs which includes “Engage” and “Views”, they will be operational for all kinds of posts, be it video or photo, however, it’ll be not applicable to Facebook Stories.

In response, the company said that they didn’t make these bonuses official yet as they are in the early trial period for a limited amount of time.

Meta approved the screenshots that the Insider had by accepting that the “Engage” bonus, which has been operational for the past few months from now, permits the influencers to earn money by the engagement on their posts such as reactions, likes, comments, and shares.

Veronica Cannady, who is a much-known beauty influencer with 24,000 active subscribers on her Facebook page, informed the Insider that she was granted an opportunity to use the Engage bonus for a couple of months and through that, she was able to earn hundreds of dollars.

Cannady mentioned that she has been already collecting bonuses and making a large amount of money through another bonus, the Reels Play, which helps creators earn on the basis of how many views they have on their Reels, so this new Engage bonus was just icing on the cake.

Cannady said that she really liked this opportunity, “If your content becomes viral and you get enough views and participation from the audience, you’ll be able to make more dollars”.

Soon after another content creator Laura Hall, famous under the name of The VR Girl on Facebook currently entertaining 21,000 active subscribers on her page, revealed that recently in fall she got the opportunity to use the Engage bonus.

Laura said that she got just $18 from this new project from Facebook. “It is very challenging for small influencers to earn from these kinds of schemes”.

Some reports confirmed that a similar kind of initiative, known as the View Bonus program, is currently set in motion for trials, secretly by the company. Similar to the Reel Play project, this one allows influencers to make money by the views that they obtain but not on their reels rather on their Facebook video or photo posts. However, Facebook didn’t say about much of the amount the creators can be paid out of this new initiative.

As per Meta, the eligibility criteria for these new bonus programs are uncertain as most of the other bonus programs. Until any further notice, the programs are ‘invite-only’.

As for certain monetization programs, the influencers will have to outreach a specific number of subscribers and views.

Following are a few bonus programs that are currently operational or still under trial on Facebook:

Reels Play Bonus: As Meta is looking forward to growth, it has been focusing mainly on Reels and this project particularly is highly advertised. They aim to reward the influencers on the basis of how many views they can obtain on their Reels within a specific amount of time.

Stars Double Bonus: Facebook has set stars as tips for influencers. They stated that the creators will be paid double the amount of Stars they earned by reaching certain milestones.

Views Bonus: This initiative encourages creators to get paid based on the number of views they can acquire on their posts, without considering Reels.

Engage Bonus: Influencers get paid on the basis of audiences’ participation under their posts which means they need to like, comment, and share the post.

Live Bonus: Through this initiative, Facebook encourages the influencers to earn more than $2,250 in a month considering their participation with the audience in their live transmission.

Subscriptions Bonus: Facebook is guaranteed to reward $5 and $20 to certain influencers for each new follower they attract. This way they can secure $10,000 every month.

One of Meta’s spokespeople said that Facebook will be testing out various similar programs including the Gaming creators’ project.

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