Meta Hires Political Campaigners To Sway Public Away From TikTok’s Increasing Popularity

The tech world is filled with cutthroat competition and this recent report by the Washington Post is proof of just that.

Just when you had some doubt about the great threat that the popular video app TikTok posed for so many others, well, Meta’s actions are indicative of it all.

While it may be surprising for some, many critics aren’t appalled by the accusations placed against Meta, which include hiring political activists to downregulate TikTok’s popularity,

The company has reportedly hired members belonging to ‘Targeted Victory’ to launch a smear campaign that’s sure to sway the public away from TikTok as a whole.

According to the report, Targeted Victory will aid in trying to inform the masses that although Meta is a punching bag, TikTok is really a huge threat. After all, it is a foreign app that leads the pack in terms of sharing data that is easily accessible to younger generations.

The app is allegedly trying to bring the smear campaign to life by working with these political activists to help create more doubts regarding TikTok through local news channels.

Last October, the same group was accused of spreading rumors relating to TikTok’s ‘Slap a Teacher’ viral challenge through so many local news channels. That further led to the publishing of a report about how the challenge was taking place in Hawaii but the truth is that there was no such thing, to begin with.

In case you don’t know, TikTok was called out for not doing enough to help counter-spread such alarming challenges as reports about injuries or harm obtained by so many users began to arise.

Now, it’s time to think about whether those reports were real or not and also what type of influence the platform has on its users.

Shockingly, it’s worth a mention how more and more reports about the incident are growing but we are yet to see Meta release any statement on the matter or even deny the post’s claims.

Keeping in mind Meta’s track record, many feel the accusations are totally in-line with how it would be keen on instigating backlash against TikTok.

Let’s go back to the year 2019 when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had reportedly held a number of meetings with officials from the US Government. Surprisingly, just one month later, an investigation on the national security level was held against TikTok.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fake trial to get TikTok’s ownership into the hands of the US by former President Donald Trump and his administration.

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