Meta Gives The World A Better Insight Of Branded Space Through Its ‘VR Horizon Worlds Experience’

We bet there are still so many people still trying to figure out what is the Metaverse and if you happen to be a part of that lot, then here’s some great news for you.

Meta has recently shared with users what they can expect to see in terms of branded space through its VR Horizon. In case you aren’t already familiar, this is the name given to viewing brands who are keen on adopting the ‘immersive experience’.

For instance, the Wendyverse is a virtual reality experience created by the team at Wendy’s. Moreover, it is said to enable users to not only discover new things through its headset but also interact with numerous spaces.

Meta released a public statement in this regard which spoke in detail about how confident it feels the new approach would better users’ knowledge and experience on the matter.

The recent example of ‘Wendyverse’ was given where people would now be able to experience the first-ever restaurant from the chain. And that means venturing into a brand new world that’s exclusively created for all of them. The end result is a mouth-watering exploration that visitors have never seen, where they can even give orders behind a virtual counter.

Meta says it hopes to give the world a glimpse of what more they can expect from the brand in terms of branded social experiences for the future.

This means saying hello to world engagement as well as purchases made in the real world too of products that were initially viewed and tested in detail while undergoing stringent examination via AR technology.

For brands to be able to showcase all of their products in unique digital form is like a dream come true as the platform can also behave as a showcase for products. Here, users will be allowed to engage and put forward their queries, similar to how they do in real stores with salespersons at their disposal.

From this aspect, it’s quite clear what Meta is trying to do for online businesses. Experts believe it is one step forward in terms of pushing eCommerce brands to do their best and put forward their products in the best light possible.

This includes allowing for 3D model scans of an array of products, digital catalogs, and more that are best represented through the viral ‘metaverse’ experience.

Clearly, the potential is immense but some experts feel the company’s new approach is slightly more grand than what is being offered in reality.

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