Instagram to part ways with its platform IGTV, here’s why

Instagram, the Meta-owned social network broke the news that it’s officially parting ways with its video playing application IGTV, which just last year changed its name to Insta-videos. Resulting in the IGTV application being removed from the digital distribution services, App Store and Google Play.

Instagram announced ending the support through its blog for creators on Monday. Facebook Inc. which is Instagram’s parent company confirmed that the application will be taken down before April. According to the company, the reason behind the change is its attempt to make creating & discovering video clips easier. The app will feature all of its videos on the main application in the upcoming month.

IGTV, which was developed just before the pandemic, was a video content oriented platform that would allow its users to share videos. Instagram tried competing against Google’s YouTube and announced IGTV application but unfortunately it never became as trendy as it was supposed to be.

The social networking company went on to develop newer methods to share videos and draw an audience to the main application, for example introducing short reels which would cross swords against TikTok’s short videos. IGTV has now been rebranded as Instagram videos that feature both reels and clips posted on public feeds with a separate tab on the main application.

The social networking company further explained that a person who was generating revenue via creating content previously on IGTV should introduce themselves to the reels.

According to Instagram, clips played a huge role in the entertainment of its users, whether they were viewers or content creators themselves. Videos helped content creators to get in contact with their followers.

The decision of closing down IGTV was already in the making since the middle of the pandemic, The company introduced its orange button just like YouTube’s famous content creator awards play buttons. The plan to shut down the application was finalized when almost 7,000,000 Instagram users have IGTV installed out of its around 2 billion users.

The social media networking service further elaborated that it is right now targeting enhancing the application for video makers.

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