Good news! TikTok users can upload up to 10 minute videos on the platform

Through its platform TikTok, the Chinese internet startup ByteDance plans to provide something substantial to its users. They're going to give their dedicated users what they've been waiting for: a 10-minute long video.

The short-form videos have appeared to become popular, and it all started with ByteDance's platform.

Following TikTok's increasing popularity among creators and users all over the world, several large tech businesses are following in ByteDance's footsteps.

However, like with anything, there is a dark side. Short-form videos have a disadvantage in that it is difficult to monetize them efficiently. We can't forget the Vine app here. While Vine was once incredibly popular and helped launch the careers of several now-famous celebrities, Vine's parent company Twitter was never able to figure out how to generate significant revenue from Vine clips since you can't integrate pre-roll or mid-roll advertising into such brief content. As a result, several of Vine's top stars left for greener pastures, forcing the company to close down.

This is something TikTok is aware of and hence is making sure not to follow the same steps Vine did.

With the increasing direct monetization potential available in other applications, which is one of the reasons why TikTok announced today that all users would soon be able to upload 10-minute long movies to the app, a major increase over the current duration limits.

ByteDance has already sent a notification to its creators or users informing them of the app's upgrade, as spotted by Matt Navarra.

According to the company, they have always aimed to deliver something fresh to their consumers, who have added value to their platform and enhanced the app experience. For this reason, they've been gradually releasing longer videos since last year, giving the TikTok community more time to create and their fans additional ways to be engaged by the app.

TikTok began their adventure with a 15-second video, then progressed to 60 seconds, and finally one minute. The previous upgrade, which was three minutes, was launched in August 2021.

TikTok is now launching a ten-minute length period. Although it is a significant risk for the Chinese company, the video company has grown in popularity due to its brief videos.

Despite the fact that TikTok users have become accustomed to long-duration video as a result of the app's ability to support long-duration live feeds. Remember that "Douyin" users in China already have a 15-minute video audience. So it appears that TikTok isn't going to play a guessing game here; at the very least, they have some idea of how their users will react.

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