Instagram tests nifty new features to make the platform more interactive for users

This week, Facebook’s sister app, Instagram, tested a bunch of new incredible features to get more users’ engagement on the social media platform. The upcoming features are; Community stories, an Emoji bar, Scheduled stickers, and a new Message Preview Thread. Let’s look at each one in turn.

As reported by the reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on Community stories just like Snapchat. To use this feature you’ll have to swipe to the Instagram stories page, tap the create story option and characterize them as your group story. You can choose anyone from your friend’s list whom you want to share your story‘s content with, by selecting their username. Besides this, you can also enable the settings to private, which means only selected viewers can see your community story.

In short, this feature allows a group of friends or group of Instagram users to create a community by sharing entertaining, informative, and personal content on the stories and becoming more interactive day by day.

Another exciting feature is the addition of an Emoji bar in Direct chats, a delightful way to interact with your close ones. So, when you type a message in a chat, you will no longer need to hold a message and select emoji reactions. This new Emoji bar will be displayed by default on the chat showing heart, thumbs up, sad, wow, happy, and clapping emoji on your screen.

Next, Is the Scheduled sticker. Scheduling posts on Instagram should be creative and fun. And with the plan, it’s deliberately collaborative. Considering this, Instagram adds Scheduled stickers to the stories. This feature is currently accessible on the public version of the app. So, what does it mean? To answer your query, open your Instagram app and see this new update which is already available on the Instagram stories options. Along with hashtags, location, mention, music, poll, quiz, and several other stickers, the Scheduled sticker is also there. It allows users to share upcoming reminders. Previously, users had to use some third-party apps to schedule some stories and posts on Instagram. But, from now on, one can create a story, and then if you decide to schedule it for later, tap on the Scheduled sticker. This will allow you to schedule important events on Instagram. You can save it as a draft and come back to it later. However, this feature is already incorporated on Facebook which allows scheduled posts to display about the events happening in a certain place.

Last but not the least, another feature that Instagram is working on is the probability of previewing a message by making a long tap on the conversation head. This would mean that we can view a new message without being seen. Isn’t it amazing? Undoubtedly it is, especially when you don’t want to reply to someone’s text.

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