Instagram Adds ‘Algorithm-Free’ Chronological Feed Option For All Users

Instagram has launched its famous algorithm-free chronological feed option for all users on the platform.

As promised earlier, Instagram will also be adding a brand new filtering option for the feed as well and this allows users to scroll with ease from all of their favorite accounts.

While the features had initially been unveiled via a limited testing series last month in January, it will now reportedly reach the application’s user base around the world, starting today. And this is being looked upon by experts as one of their fastest rollouts than the norm.

The new feed options will be at the disposal of both iOS as well as Android users. However, they won’t be available for use on Integrum's web version.

Instagram users will now have a total of two different and new display options on their feed which they can select from. This will reportedly control the display of their main content:

Favorites: This option highlights the newest posts from accounts that users have included in their ‘Favorites’ List. Hence, they are now being given the option to add up to ‘50’ different accounts as their ‘Favorites’. And that means ease with prioritizing all of the updates.

Following: This option puts forward posts from all accounts that users follow on the application, in line with their regular feed.

The only difference now is that both of these ‘Favorites’ and ‘Following’ options will appear in a chronological manner and that means as they’re posted. In this way, all those worried about the interference of algorithms can take a back seat and relax because Instagram has put back everything in place, just like good old times.

While some experts believe there is definitely plenty of good surrounding this announcement, others are skeptical. In case you’re wondering why, well, users will not be able to select either of the two options as their default. This means they’ll need to select the feed display of preference manually, each time they log in.

In reality, experts believe that not too many users would end up doing that in the first place. Therefore, without the good old Instagram algorithm that actually helped people boost their engagement in the past, users may now begin to understand why the algorithm feed was a better option. After all, you were being given the option to view more content that you cared about.

Whether or not people will be bothered to flick the switch each time they log in, well, only time can tell. But with the option to choose in place, the decision is being termed as music to many people’s ears.

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