Google claims that recent Chrome version 99 exceeds in performance than Safari browser on MacBook

It was revealed on the speedometer benchmark that Google Chrome has remarkably outperformed Apple’s native iPhone browser, Safari as Chrome runs 43 percent faster on Apples’ M1 chips.

Data shows Google Chrome has the most market share percentage than Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Google claims that its Chromium version 99 has offered a much faster experience than before, and it is reported that Chrome is 7% more speedy than iPhone’s pre-installed web browser, Safari. Moreover, the company also claims that Chrome’s graphics have been tremendously faster than ever, now beating Safari by 15 percent.

Let’s dig into the facts, precisely what could be the factors that result in the occurrence of the most significant change between these two browsers.

1. Design: both the web browsers on iOS offer a top-notch user experience. However, the design of the safari is outdated.

2. Speed and Efficiency: Chrome is slower when you run multiple apps in the background, while Safari is faster. But recently the updated version of Chrome is reportedly giving a 7% faster user experience on Mac.

3. Web extension: extensions are the extra features and customizations that you can add to the web browser of your choice. Though customization isn’t something that Apple is known for. So Chrome has so many extensions as compared to Safari. Like, you can add Grammarly or other software on your browser easily in the case of Chrome.

4. Privacy: safari has a lot of built-in privacy features, for instance, intelligent tracking prevention that protects the identity and hides IP addresses from all websites and trackers. Whereas, no specific feature of data prevention is available on Chrome. However, Google has now fixed a total of 28 security issues with version 99.0.4844.47ensuring your privacy while browsing.

5. Updates and playback: Chrome is constantly being updated while Safari is limited to new updates. I mean, it takes a lot of time to roll out any update.

Having said that, Chrome outperforms Safari, do you think Chrome will be faster on your android or desktop too? Well, alongside that might be later in some point in time, Android users will also use the faster Chromium browser. If we look at the compatibility between Chrome and Safari on Mac, no wonder Apple’s browser is better in terms of saving battery, RAM and performance. The claimed reports won’t be similar to one’s personal experience.

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