Instagram is working on a feature that will let users see their friend’s liked posts, and Netizens are not happy

Instagram has long since been a favorite app of Netizens to share photos and videos and connect with friends etc. Ever since its release in 2010 it has been gaining popularity from the start. It has been constantly rolling out new features for both the ease and appeasement of the users. However these features have received both good and bad reactions from the users.

Such is the case with this new rumored feature that will allow users to see which posts their friends have liked in their explore section. Not only does this appear to be a violation of privacy but no one wants to see what the interests of their friends are. This news was shared by a reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi who is infamous for leaking things related to the social media apps by digging into the beta code. As seen in the post’s comments section this news wasn’t taken in a good light by many of the users. Some people remarked that it is a full circle from the already creepy activity section on the app that helps users keep track of the progress of their posts and their likes. The section also shows the interests of users and people whom they might know along with the people who have followed the user or tagged them in a recent post.

The tweet from Paluzzi explains that Instagram is currently working on a dedicated section of the explore page from where the users can see what posts their friends or followers have liked. Already when a user comes across a post that a friend has liked they can see as it is written underneath the post that it is liked by a certain user.

The users had an unified reaction of dislike as it is a very creepy thing and many users were wondering whether they would be able to disable the feature to which a user replied that they would probably be given the choice of either having it on their page or not. We are still unsure if this feature is for close friends only or for parenting control purposes. Currently, we've no information whether Instgaram will roll out this feature in the near future or if the feature is just a test and will never be rolled out for the public.

Technically this is still rumored news as Instagram has not made any official comments regarding this topic and it is a highly sensitive one as it is a matter of privacy and the protection of the user’s interests.

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