In a new Question Answer Session with Podcaster Lex Fridman, Mark Zuckerberg interviewed almost every corner of his life

Mark Zuckerberg recently spoke with Lex Fridman in a podcast on life, death, Meta, and many other aspects of his existence.

In a two-hour podcast, we saw Mark Zuckerberg as we've never seen him before, honestly discussing a variety of topics that revolve around his life. In numerous interviews, Fridman posed some bold and significant questions to Zuckerberg.

When Fridman questioned how Zuckerberg defines life, he said. According to the Meta owner, the reality of life is that you have duality among the people you care about the most, and this fact, dualism, is what we are constructing in our lives. He draws parallels with his own life. Furthermore, he stated in response to this issue that he has spent his entire life among people since founding the firm, therefore the first thing he saw in people's dualism was most likely the first thing he observed in people's connections.

In response to a query regarding death, Fridman stated, "As we all know, everything in this world is mortal; are you terrified of this?" Do you consider your own mortality? Do you ever consider your own death? Fridman received a response from Zuckerberg. With referring to his hydro foiling hobby, he definitely is aware of his mortality. He defines, if a person goes to a 15-foot-long wave, he will make sure he has the proper safety equipment and is familiar with all of these locations. As a result, every human being should be aware of it and prepare for it.

The conversation then moved on to the Metaverse, which had been a topic of conversation earlier in the broadcast. Virtual doubles obtain digital immortality in virtual reality or the Metaverse in dystopian science fiction, such as Black Mirror. Thankfully, Zuckerberg did not propose a version of this scenario for his Metaverse, though he did add that it should allow for "almost infinite amounts of expression and world." However, unfortunately people have a very limited time period to experience it. It was augmented by Zuckerberg. It is nice to have a long life.

The host asked the young CEO a question at the end of the episode. What should he ask God about when he died? In response, a tech titan's CEO stated, if he asked if his family will be ok, he would ask him, what the meaning of life is.

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