Instagram is attempting to turn its platform into a business hub

Instagram's two new features “Find product via Instagram Camera” and “Discover popular places nearby” will attract businesses even more to join the platform.

The social media platform was established in April 2012 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and later purchased by Meta. Recently Instagram has been focusing more to be a business hub for new and small businesses and has been introducing features that will make it more business-friendly.

Businesses have seen major growth in sales on Instagram as compared to other social media platforms. Small businesses prefer to start their eCommerce journey on Instagram first and later move on to another platform or create a full-fledged website.

We have seen Instagram's commitment to be more business-friendly by its consistency in introducing more features that will encourage more business activities on the platform.

Last year, Instagram tested a feature in Australia and New Zealand where users can find the location, contact information, and tag posts of people in that area. Now, as per users report, it appears this feature is landing on more regions. This new feature enables users to connect with the businesses nearby.

The map symbol will appear on the upper side of the discovery tab for users who have this functionality enabled. Users can see the most recent 'Map Search' by tapping on that option. This will highlight cafeterias, hotels, and shops, among other things. To get detailed information specifically about a business's location you must click on the location sign.

It will feature the operating hours, price data, location, and profile link for the brands, as well as the relevant post tagged with that area. Businesses, on the other hand, have yet to release price data on the site. It might be included in the application's profile of the company. Businesses will be able to specify the pricing range for their items on Instagram.

As spotted by Lindsey Gamble, the second feature that the photo and video sharing platform launched is a product detecting feature in Instagram’s Camera (something similar to Google Lens). Now users will be able to find any product online just by opening Instagram’s Camera. This feature will help users to find products on Instagram easily and it will enable the businesses to get more exposure on their products.

In this feature, users will either have the option to click a picture of the product live or import a picture from the gallery. This option is going to be a game-changer. The feature to import a picture of a product is going to be used a lot as we often share a product picture, or we find a picture online and don’t know how to find it online. This will make it easier for customers.

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