Google Drive will notify people when their files are tampered with and block access to them

Google Drive is an online storage app that was launched by Google nine years ago back in 2012. It is used by many people for file storage and easy transfer within devices. The only restriction is that the user has to have a Google account which is held by almost everybody.

As many people use it for business stuff like saving important files or data on Google Drive but there is also the danger of people preying around in your private files. So, to avoid this from happening Google launched a feature that enables users to see who has been viewing their files. This is a good step as it will protect the privacy of users and keep their files safe. Users will also be notified if there are attempts to copy, paste, move or change the files in their drive.

This news was announced in a blog post by the tech giant company and it aims to notify the user if there have been any changes made to their document by an external guest user or any unauthorized and unknown person. This will protect the interests of the user who uploaded the files on Google drive.

The Audit log which is the documents that will be protected by this feature include the things made in the workspace apps which consist of Google Docs, Sheets or slides and also include any PDFs or Microsoft Word files from the desktop. According to the tech company the feature will be switched on by default and users don’t need to activate it themselves. It has become available for Google Workspace users and will continue rolling out over the next few months.

Google has introduced many new features and additions to Google Drive in the last few months like when they introduced search chips.

To further protect the interests of users they will start restricting access to files without the permission of the company or the creator for unrecognized people. If it happens that those files are tempered then the user will be notified and all access will be blocked meaning that no one can see or share those files because all access will be given to the creator.

In the end this is a great feature that will help companies keep their private stuff private and it will also prevent sensitive stuff from being leaked and getting out. It is a good step taken by the company.

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